Okay.... My name is Andrew Bayu Putera. I'm currently studying at Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia. Actually this is my second blog. What happened to the first one ? Well, I never update it, and btw, I don't like the name... So, here we are. New me, new story, and hopefully, a bunch of energy to update this blog. Thank you. Oh yeah, you can also contact me using my email .


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Monday, August 15, 2005

No, not void as in programming void = does not return a damn thing. No, not that. It's void as in... empty. The word is said by Batman when Dick left him to become the Nightwing. Umm... let the story begin.


You know, I never thought I'll be writing these things. For quite some times now, I'm not that concern about anything regarding love, women, and... love and women. Well, I dunno. Maybe it's the environment... lately a lot of guys (well, not too many actually, but enough to make me think) talked to me 'bout their love life, asking for my advice. Not that I have anything to say about it, in fact, I like helping them. It makes me feel... exist. But, well, let me give you an example...

Joni (nickname... I refer to a lot of people using this nick...): Yo !
Me: Yowz !
Joni: I have a problem with my... (girlfriend/girlfriend wanna-be/ghebetan/etc)
Me: Tell me your problem, I'll help you with my knowledge...
(time passes)
Joni: Well, thx for the advice, man... How you been doin' ? What's new ?
Me: Well... I... erm... I... New, huh, well... I got the new Teen Titans comic !
Joni: Huh ?

Now, everytime a conversation like this ended, I always ended up thinking, enjoy while you get to like someone. Not that I'm gay, I'm not gay. It's just... too many hindrance at campus. Too many eyes (which don't have brains equipped on them, unfortunately) are watching. I hate it when people make assumptions on me. And I hate it when people make assumption based on stupid and unclear facts. That's. Just. Dope.

But after some time, I feel like there's an empty space in me... (besides my stomach...) Fortunately, I'm currently not in an environment that is suitable for void-filling. *sigh*

The emptiness on my heart is slowly growing
Through the vast thought in the night it is disturbing
The soul is parting searching for salvation
But the mind is denying and parts no action

Now, I dunno what to say anymore... Empty... Void... Nil... Nil Horse... Kuda Nil maksud gw.

New Dude

Just got myself a new poodle. Yep, the curly thing that jumps around when feeling hungry or sad or... mostly everytime actually... His name is... Ascott van der Klaas. And Nikita doesn't seem to mind, so I suppose they will be good friends eventually...

Well, that's all for now... post again when I wanted to I will. (so selfish this statement is)

Well, be seeing you again I will.

Stay out of drugs ! Ciao !

Posted at 12:06 am by OrionKnight
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Monday, July 25, 2005
Euh... something.

FINALLY !!! Got my ID ! After all this time, I've been working without any ID (and idea too... hey, both sounds the same... *repeating* *snaps back*) Got my picture taken, and... there goes my office ID. My ID, My ID, dumm dee dumm...

Well... umm... today's post is...

*thinking* *dog pee...* *cleaning* *thinking*

let's talk about the ID. *BOOOO !!*

The Process

After receiving my letter from campus, I went straight to my office. And then I gave the letter to Ms. HR (human resource, that is... not a real name...*duh*) Anyway, the witc... lady... told me that she needs to process it for about a week. So I said, "euh... ok."

*a week later* (well, just imagine, okay ?)

no news.

3 days later, I came to her office and she said,"Oh, I haven't inform you anything ? Let me process it first, you wait, okay ?" And I said, "WHAT ? YOU'RE TELLING ME TO WAIT ?!?" ... ... amazing what coffee can do to you in midday. The real answer is, "euh... ok." After 15 minutes she said yes. I wish it isn't just the coffee. (sometimes, I just knew why they call me Wookie...)

After undergraduate

What will you guys do after you graduate from campus ? Take graduate degree ? Work ? Rest ? Married ? Be a superhero with a symbol that is feared by those who sees it ? ... cool...

Do we have pros 'bout this kind of things in our campus, guys ? (for those who goes to fasilkom UI, of course)

Well, sekian doeloe yach ! Take care ! Take a bow ! Take the AC81 bus from depok ! See ya !
Stay out of drugs... beware of avian influenza... Itz beeeerrry deinjeeeroous...

Posted at 10:44 pm by OrionKnight
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Sunday, July 24, 2005
My Looong Update...

On a warm and sunny day... I was sitting in my desk at my office. I didn't quite feel the warm and sunny part of the day actually... Oh, did I mention I'm working in the server's room. Well, it's cold enough that it's hard to hide your shivering... (for other people, not for me, sorry, bear skin here) even harder than telling Keanu Reeves to do an expression. (but I still like the guy, don't worry) So, (I mean, I like the acting, I'm not gay) as I was saying (not that I hate gays, no sir, I'm cool) ehm... *take a deep breath* So, as I was saying, I'm sitting and thinking. There're so many good things in this life, it's nice if I can write it somewhere... Then I remember... I HAVE A BLOG. ^o^

Yep, so sorry, it's been a while and this time not because I'm too busy or stuff, it's just because I forgot (gee Dr. Light, share the same problem there :D --> Identity Crisis comic) Anyway anyhoo, what's up with you ? ( I suppose that rhymes in a way or two... or not...)

The Game

Played tennis. Yep, that's right, my friend. Played tennis. And after so long, THE PHOENIX HAS AWAKENED... ... and I played like crap. The first 15 minutes of adjustments.. oh boy, I played like a 5 years old kid... with too much hormones... and a beard that comes with it... *imagining*... *lol*...*drink a sip of coffee*

Well, after finally adjusting myself to the game (meaning: not hitting like a sissy and running like a toddler). Finally, THE PHOENIX HAS AWAKENED... for 5 minutes before I breathe like my laptop. (*wheeze*... *wheeze*...) I need a new hard disk T_T

Anyway, I played my dad. Cool player... I'm running around like Stuart Little and there he was standing like the Liberty Statue... wearing glasses. And shorts.

Anyway, watching the game between my father and his associate, I learned that Uncle Ben's words (gotta see Spidey movie here) are correct... With great powers comes great responsibilities... meaning, when you hit the ball hard, think of the ballboy... especially when the ballboy is only one and he's your associate's son.

The Internship

Or called the OJT (on the job training). An activity where students practice the knowledge given to them in University into the vast real world. So they say...

The 'Guardian' (lecturer, some may refer) insist that we have to make something during the internship period. (computer system related guys... sorry) And my planning kinda crumbled since I planned to assist my father's friend in Network migration.

So... payroll system, here I come. Wish me luck. Gonna need one of those. And a cup of coffee along with it =D

See you ! Ciao ! Stay out of drugs !

Posted at 08:22 pm by OrionKnight
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Saturday, June 18, 2005
One hell of a thought

Hi, long time no see. Miss me ? Hmm... we'll just see about that. Been goin' through a lot of things lately. Good one, bad one, all stuff that makes you wanna go "Boom !" for emotion overload. So here I am, sitting alone in my cozy comfortable crib at 2 a.m. in the morning, trying to make a good-sense-blogging. Yes, it's quite hard to blog actually when you yawn every 40 seconds and spend the next 7 seconds to wipe the tears (extra 10 seconds to put my dog back to her slumber <-- jumpy-little-adorable-thing)

The Final Exam for 6th Semester

Crap ! Next !

Exam, post-6th test (2 left)

I said, Next !

Life is beautiful

I failed my Differential Equation test. I blew it. I didn't went frantic after the test. No sir, that's not me. I'm the kinda Kwame's Philosophy (The Apprentice 1) kind of guy : "Keep it together, don't panic". I blew it 'cos the day before the test, I wasn't practicing enough. (even though there is no enough in science T_T) I was down. And then when I was lying in my bed, I remembered a quote from a movie: "Life is beautiful. It depends on how one sees it." (Roberto Benigni). Well, after that I manage to cool down and keep myself together. How did I cool down you ask ? Well, I talked to the wind. Yes, sadly there is no talkative being around me at the moment. So... there I am, sitting all alone, talking to the wind. And I cool down... literally also.

BUT IT DOESN'T CHANGED THE FACT, BOY ! Yes, I know, thank you for the "enlightment"... But at least, you can keep yoursepf together... temporarily... i guess... i hope.

So called "Superhero"

Let's talk some deep shit here. What ? No swearing ? I'm not swearing. What ? That's inappropriate ? Okay, let me rephrase that. Allow me to take you to a deep thought. I feel like Alfred Hitchcock T_T Okay, about superhero. I just wanted to say to you guys that you don't have to be bitten by a radiated spider or got shot by Excessive Gamma Exposure or born in an obliterated-but-had-the-chance-to-launch-a-handsome-baby planet. You just had to be you, and just do what heroes do. No, not flying. Not climbing wall, either... ... Not fighting an evil overlord wearing tights and underwear on the outside. You just have to do the right thing. ^_^ You can be a superhero. Yeah, you. The one behind you also. ^_^ Think about it. What you called super hero is actually an extreme hero. But the real hero migt be one of us. *music: Hitchcock OST*

The Hilton sisters are ... annoying

Nicole (the not-too-bright-blonde-woman #2 <-- polite form of s*up**-blonde-b**ch) bulied a child. Poor kid. She first asked the kid, "can you say ass ?". And then the kid said, "No" (in a cute adorable manner). And then nicole asked "Oh, come on. What word rhyme with witch ? Say it." (In a cute-wanna-be manner <-- polite form of b**chy) You know what, me and my sister replied almost at the same time. Me: Hitch, My sister: Pitch. Well, unfortunately, Nicole's opponent is a kid. Oh boy, what a show. The sisters are quite... euh... nice 2 see, tho. I rather play SW-KoToR 2.

Well, that's it for today's update. I'll see you guys later ! Stay out of drugs. Bad drugs, no. Good drugs, with medical recommendation, well, okay. Ciao !

PS: it's a.m. here and i'm sleepy... so, I'm sorry if it's a bit harsh and un-structured... sleep... sleep... sleep...

Posted at 03:26 am by OrionKnight
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Weird- Hanson

Isn't it weird
Isn't it strange
Even though we're just two strangers on this runaway train
We're both trying to find a place in the sun
We've lived in the shadows, but doesn't everyone
Isn't it strange how we all feel a little bit weird sometimes
Yeah, ooh
Isn't it hard, standing in the rain
Yeah you're on the verge of going crazy and your heart's in pain
No one can hear, but you're screaming so loud
You feel like you're all alone in a faceless crowd
Isn't it strange how we all get a little bit weird sometimes
Whoa, sitting on the side, waiting for a sign, hoping that my luck will change
Reaching for a hand that'll understand, someone who feels the same
When you live in a cookie cutter world, being different is a sin
So you don't stand out, but you don't fit in
Whoa, sitting on the side, waiting for a sign, hoping that my luck will change
Whoa, reaching for a hand that'll understand, someone who feels the same
When you live in a cookie cutter world, if you're different you can't win
So you don't stand out and you don't fit in
Ooh, isn't it strange
How we all feel a little bit weird
Strange, how we all get a little bit
Strange, how we all feel a little bit weird, sometimes
Oooh, just a little bit weird sometimes

Hmm... lagu itu lg terus menerus terngiang-ngiang di kepala gw. Actually, that's kinda what I feel at the moment. Weird. Especially the line: "So you don't stand out, but you don't fit in... Weird". It's just weird especially when people who you think knows you the best turns out that they don't know you. Confused ? Weird ? Good, then we're on the same spot.

I didn't quite have a fun life lately actually, that's why my updates are kinda gloomy... but... at least I updated it. Ciao.

Posted at 12:34 am by OrionKnight
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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Faceless Town

Once upon a time there was a place,
A town whose people have no face.
One day a traveller came to stay,
All the townsfolk greeted him with gay.
They gave him dress and hat and shoe,
Then they said "One of us is now you".
But the traveler was not one of them,
He had a face and a smile to express them.
So one day he put on a mask to cover his face,
"I wanna be one of them" as he picked up his pace.
And so he is one of them, or so they think.
But in the sadness the traveller sink.
"I cannot smile or laugh or cry"
"I cannot be myself no matter how I try"
"They think they know who I am"
"But all they see is one of them"
And so the traveller decided to took off the mask
But doing so is not a simple task.
For the mask has now become him,
and the traveller now sat in grim...


(c)Bayu Putera/19052005

Posted at 07:19 pm by OrionKnight
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Monday, April 25, 2005
Fun at Cibubur

Ui ui ui, baru abis dari Cibubur neh, tempat kediaman akademia AFI (akademi fantasi indosiar) sama... umm... kediaman Dekan Fasilkom UI tercinta Mr. Chan ^_^

Disono enak lhoo... asri gitu tempatnya... seperti layaknya perumahan seh... Anyway, gw melakukan beberapa kegiatan menarik disono

Makan Sosis

Hmm... so ? Nah, sosis yang gw makan itu panjangnya 75 cm, bo ! Bisa dibagi-bagi buat sekeluarga... Ada yang mau tau nama restonya ? Well, itu di The Bistro di Raffles Cibubur, yup gw emang maen2 kesono. Nah, disono tuh makanannya enak-enak bgt d. Yang minggu kemaren, gw makan pizza disono... yummy ^_^ *perut bunyi* Sial, jd laper lagi dah... Anyway, gw jg makan Chicken Fajitas nya... dan enak juga lho.

Lalu, apakah gw kesono makan doang ? No no no, sebelumnya gw...


Yup, setelah sekian lama gw ga berenang, gw berenang ama dd gw... Yach seru juga si, d lama ga berenang kan ? Nyelem2 gitu... tapi abis itu pilek T_T meskipun pileknya cuman buat beberapa jam doang ^_^ Gw gitu... =D

Oya, ada kejadian lucu... di kolam itu kan ada prosotan yang tinggi gitu, yang meliuk-liuk gitu dah. Nah, gw ama dd gw maen2 disitu tuh, berhubung kami memang menyukai hal baru ^_^ So, kita maen seluncur... Nah, suatu saat, pas gw diatas, gw nyadar bahwa sebelum gw ada anak kecil meluncur, nah, kan kl orang masuk seluncuran itu agak2 cepet tuh meluncurnya. Bayangkan kl ada anak kecil usia kira-kira 7 tahun ketendang gw... bisa masuk koran itu anak besoknya ^o^ Kalo penjelasan ilmiahnya sih, kaya kelinci ditendang kingkong lah kira-kira... So, gw bilang ke dd kl kali ini gw meluncurnya agak2 ditahan-tahan gitu, jadi kl emang tu anak kecil masih ada gw nunggu dulu... So, gw meluncur pelan-pelan, dah kaya slow motion gitu, asik juga kan ??? Nah, ternyata diatas, dd gw kira, gw d sampe bawah dan clear. Dia dengernya gw teriak GO, padahal gw lagi menirukan Shark Tale Dan teriak NO dengan nada paling bass... So, dd gw meluncur...
Lalu gw curiga, koq ada suara dd gw... pas gw noleh, dd gw lagi teriak2 "AWAS ! MINGGIR ! JALAN OI !" Dan berikutnya terjadilah sebuah percobaan fisika dimana balok diam ditumbuk dengan balok bergerak untuk dihitung momentumnya... singkat kata, pantat gw ditendang ama dd gw dan meluncurlah kita berdua kebawah dengan cepat sekali... The landing ? It was perfect, gua jungkir balik ga karuan sementara dd gw masuk ke air dalam kondisi ngakak... sial... yg lebih parahnya... itu anak kecil tadi ternyata lagi sama bokapnya nongkrong di pinggir kolam renang... Well, yg penting semua aman lah ^_^

Ok lah, sekian dl... see ya next time, ciao ! Stay out of things that can do harm to your body ! Bye2 !

Posted at 12:32 am by OrionKnight
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Sunday, April 24, 2005
A Comeback ?

Ya know, after a while, I haven't had the right chance and the right mood to update this blog. Lot of things happenin lately, and it's just that, no good mood for updating. For those of you who come to see my blog often, sorry dawg. But here we go, today's update.

The Hand

If I can add music to my post, maybe y'all can enjoy some Adams Family style kind of music when yr readin' the title ^o^ Well, so I hurt my hand. My right hand. It happened when I tried to re-arrange the stuff in my father's car's backseat (is this gramatically a sin ?? well, who cares anyway... =D). It was nothing serious, but it really is a bother. Especially when you know what happened next. On my way back to home, me and my family stopped by at my cousin's house. One thing that I forgot is that my cousin has this hyperactive golden retriever. Well, unlike any goldie, this one likes to challenge me to wrestle him T_T The first thing he bit was ... three guesses ladies and gentlemen... Yes, you sir, what ? My head ? I'm not in the King Kong movies you know... Yes, the dog bit my right hand. After that... it was too hard to describe... A battle between me... and a goldie... fun ^o^

A Chairman No Longer

Yep, guys from the Ascii-pella choir, I'm no longer your chairman. After 1.5 years of work, I decided to retire. It was really nice working with all you guys. And the management team. Thx for the support. To Bimo, Monic, and Mita, we will begin the conclave soon after we receive all the candidate, ok ?

Well, that's all the update today. I wanna update a lot, but since I'm no super-hero I can't update like "Today I fought a scarry enormous and savage mutant bunny..." and you wont be interested in updates like "Guys, I think my fingernails is growing at a constant rate..." (^o^ sooooo geek) So, this is all for today.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, and don't think about men in tight... ^o^

Stay out of drugs ! Ciao !

Posted at 01:01 am by OrionKnight
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Friday, March 04, 2005
Words For Sale

heheheehhe, lama ga update. Parah emang. Abis gimana ya ? Kesibukan gua (pengangguran sok sibuk) memang menyita perhatian gua seh, jadinya blog nggak ke-update d. Well anyway, gua orang yang cukup demen untuk berpikir. Daripada bengong, iya nggak ?

Gua teringat masa-masa waktu SMU dulu sama waktu baru masuk kuliah. Gua sering.. hmm.. kl kata nyokap seh jualan jamu, kl gua nyebutnya menganalisa permasalahan kehidupan teman-teman. Atau menjadi seorang teman curhat. Wah, itu sering banget. Ada tuh masa-masanya pulang sekolah, masuk kamar, trus telepon orang, atau ditelepon. Mendengarkan curhat dan menganalisa ampe mulut berbusa-busa.

Waktu kuliah gua saking seringnya jadi tukang jamu itu, sampe pernah dijuluki Profesor Cinta... gmn Fe ? Wad ? Ndar ? Hmm... looking back, semestinya julukan itu Professor Bull Sh*t. Gua tidak merasakan dampaknya dari kegiatan itu. A waste of time. A waste of energy. The good thing is, karena banyak bacot, skill komunikasi gua jalan ^_^ Well, that was then. Meskipun gua nggak kebayang kl sekali dengerin orang, gua mungut bayaran. Kl profesional, mungkin bagus, tapi kl amatiran kaya gua, hmm... i dunno d...

Now... Hmm... nggak tau d. Kegiatan jualan jamu itu terakhir gua lakukan waktu jadi mentor, dan itu pun sudah lama sekali. Buat semua anak-anak mentee dari Klez, sorry, gua melanggar janji gua untuk tetap dekat sehabis PMB, well, a lot of things happened dan rupanya itu membuat kita jauh. Mau memperbaiki suasana tapi koq rasanya rusaknya parah ya ? Kalau ada cara untuk memperbaiki suasana , I'm open for suggestion.

Udah ah, ini hal yang lagi kepikiran aja sekarang. Gmn ya ? Seperti yang sudah gua bilang, gua suka mikir. Daripada bengong trus kesambet setan sandal. j/k j/k j/k Ciao !

Posted at 12:02 pm by OrionKnight
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Sunday, February 27, 2005
Turut Berduka Cita

Saya atas nama pribadi dan mewakili keluarga mengucapkan turut berduka cita atas kepergian teman saya Haryanto angkatan 2001. Semoga keluarga serta teman-teman yang ditinggalkan dapat tabah dan tegar dalam menghadapi cobaan ini.

Posted at 12:25 pm by OrionKnight
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